Use your body's intelligence to hear and understand its language, to activate your self-healing potentials and to change your behaviour.

Discover BodyMind Balancing online 

  • To bring health, relaxation and vitality into your busy life,

  • To restore balance in your body, your emotions and your mind,

  • To help free yourself from unhealthy habits and behaviour patterns,

  • To understand your body’s language and symptoms,

  • To learn about the different dimensions of your being,

  • To activate your self-healing powers and find stillness.

BodyMind Balancing is a online meditation course that you can do from the comfort of your own home. It is a seven day course that takes about one hour of your time a day. It is a guided, deep relaxation process to remind you of the forgotten language of your body. It teaches you how to communicate with your body and mind, how to listen to its messages and to improve your well-being.

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BodyMind Balancing

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Your body, your mind and your soul are one phenomenon”! - Osho

Expansion and Health through the Gate of our Body

- Online meditation course and hypnotherapy  -

BodyMind Balancing is about becoming your own best friend. It is a process of non-doing.


It is a learning to listen to the messages of your body and getting in touch with the clearest compass system that you have guiding your life!

It is about friendship with yourself.

What participants say about BodyMind Balancing

“The relaxation helped me to boost my self-confidence and to trust my own perception and knowing. It strengthened my path many times over and enhanced the connection to my Higher Self and Spirit.


I can see life through different eyes and trust life more, can be more patient with myself and others and am in touch with myself at a much deeper level. It also helped me to be more grounded, for which I am endlessly thankful!”

—  Ulrike

A meditation to balance body and mind

Our body is our closest „home“ and therefore our best friend, who is always there for us. Yet often, we pay little attention to our body, force it to exercise or do not exercise enough, or we eat foods that do not suit us.

This guided meditation can make you aware of how your psyche expresses itself in your body with all its thoughts and feelings . All health issues or all topics that are of concern to you right now and that express themselves inside your body can come to the surface and be brought into balance.

Activate your self-healing powers

In this soothing hypnotherapy you deepen your understanding that your body, mind and soul are connected. In fact, they are One. As you relax deeply, I lead you to make contact with your subconscious mind and to communicate mindfully with your body.

BodyMind Balancing is a process of deep reprogramming

When, in deep relaxation you ask your body and its inner „intelligence“ questions, it can find answers for you. This helps you explore new ways and behaviours and brings you into loving harmony with yourself and your environment.

“Love is the goal, life is the journey.”

- Osho

The well known and widely tested meditative therapy from Osho, Reminding yourself of the forgotten language of talking to your body-mind, constitutes the foundation of this programme. I have thoroughly been trained in this method and am licensed to teach it. While the original process is kept intact, I added to it my experience and training as a hypnotherapist practitioner, meditation teacher and life purpose coach and included bonus tracks and additional tips and techniques that add to the process without diluting any of its original strength.

What is required of you to partake in the process?

  • about one hour of your time in the morning for 7 consecutive days

  • 5 minutes of time before bedtime

  • willingness to do nothing, to let yourself drift into relaxation and enjoy the process, your process!

  • willingness to go further with the optional bonus material

  • you need a good internet connection via smartphone, tablet, computer and a comfortable place to lay down.


You will receive 30 day access to

  • The 7-day BodyMind Balancing online-meditation course and coaching with

    • Video instructions

    • Diary question and manual, to deepen your process

    • Bonus-material and deepening-tools as well as suggestions on how to integrate what you have learned into daily living

  • The possibility to ask personal questions by Email

  • The possibility to repeat the course during a full month as often as you need to

  • The option to book an additional Transcendental Coaching in a bundle.

    Price:  120 Euro incl. VAT.

Tidal Nodes 
BodyMind Balancing Online Course with Andrea Anaya



You will discover what the course is all about so that you are optimally prepared and you will learn how to best tailor it to your life situation and needs. Each day also contains a separate introduction that encourages you to expand your consciousness and shift your focus.

Day 2.

From today, the extended process begins and we deepen what we learned on day one. In addition, we will look at some of the defense mechanisms and symptoms that we have developed or acquired over the course of our lives and that we would like to see change and transform in our life.

Day 4.

On the fourth day, it is often the case that because we are so caught up in our problems or situations, our system starts to show resistance. Resisting change is a normal part of life, because change - even when it comes to healing - means uncertainty. Because we fear uncertainty at a very deep level, we can resist relaxation and sabotage our own healing process. That is why from day four on, we pay some attention to this defence mechanism so it can start working for and no longer against us.

Day 6.

Slowly your system gets used to the process. It becomes increasingly easy for us to relax and expand during the meditation. Your willingness to let go strips the mind of its control and lets your inner knowledge grow.


Bonus exercises, videos and journal questions deepen the process and expand our inner knowledge a bit more each day.

Day 1. 

Today we start our seven-day journey into the world of complete BodyMind relaxation and self-healing. The first day is a little shorter. It introduces the process. You will learn to communicate with your body, to connect in a loving and healthy way with yourself.

Day 3.

The connection to your BodyMind deepens. A bonus exercise allows you to look from a broader perspective at the symptoms and situations you want to change.

Day 5.

From day five we can devote ourselves to more complex behavioural patterns in addition to the situations and symptoms we would like to see change. A bonus exercise deepens and facilitates this process.

Day 7.

Even if you now know the process and can merge more easily in it, we learn to welcome every day as a new experience on this final day: Welcome the new into your life as you relax in a known process and know that the process will continue working for you beyond day seven.

More Testimonials

Svein Harald Haukanes, Autor von "Us, the Universe"

First of all, it is so nice to see the beautiful YOU . Your programme is very good and professional. I enjoy listening to your guidance and just let everything go. Your voice is very relaxing and I love the whole session. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Erika Istinghausen

I was deeply relaxed, far gone and yet fully present! Your voice is very healing and relaxing.

Marie Tetens

I am grateful that there are people like you with the ability and skill to offer such courses. All sessions are good, but for me day six is especially beneficial! The courses show in what ways we can work with ourselves, help ourselves, so that our psyche, our health and our whole personality grows in strength.
Thank You!

Tidal Nodes 
BodyMind Balancing Online 

Price:  120 Euro incl. VAT.


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