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"You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny." ​

 - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV.4.5.

In a restless, noisy world it's often not easy to discriminate between a fleeting idea in your head and an idea or solution that authentically suits your whole being.


  • Would you like to hear your inner voice clearly?

  • Would you like to find your place in life?

  • Do you long to live a more meaningful life?

  • Would you like to dare something new?


    Do you want to recognise the treasure and lessons behind certain life situations?

Tidal Nodes  

Consultation and Reading

In TN Reading we delve into what you truly desire or need at the moment - from the depth of your being. By gaining an understanding over what your life situations are mirroring to you, you discover the opportunities that lie behind challenging situations.


You receive impulses from your higher levels of consciousness and understand which steps you could take right now and what exactly you should consider in order to experience something new.


DURATION: ca. one hour

MEETING: On site or online via Zoom.

REQUIREMENTS: Your willingness to change something in your life. A signed consent form. You will receive all the necessary information from me in advance after your registration.

BOOKING: Pay with Maestro, PayDirekt, Paypal, or credit card through the secure payment provider Elopage. If that is not possible, we can talk about other methods. After booking, we will arrange a date by E-mail.

PRICE: 160 Euro/hour

incl. VAT.

What participants say about 

TN Coaching & Mentoring 

How does my work help you on a soul level?

Andrea Anaya is able to connect with "that" which comes from the innermost, the highest wisdom, my own soul... The energy flows through her and is translated into words, the energy reaches me through the words and it works.


How does my work help you in everyday/practical life?

While I am talking to her about my experiences - the ones I would call difficulties - I have questions, and the answer comes directly through, the words pierce through the layers, and it is like a conversation with one's own soul. It is a great encouragement and help to come to where we actually already know that we want to go, but always forget it.


How would you describe the work?

While listening - which deeply touches me and has my full attention - the energy works through the subtle layers and makes change possible. In addition to the help that comes in the form of words, there is also the necessary energy to support it. 

What benefits do you get from my work? What touches you?

One's own consciousness can expand through this process, groundbreaking impulses are given for the very personal concrete situations, which are then always integrated into the higher picture, the greater whole. A valuable help and possibility for everyone who is already open to his own inner being.

—  Andrea, civil servant, Stuttgart

Tidal Nodes
integral Mentoring Programme

The mentoring program includes several consultation sessions over a longer period of time. You will learn methods that you can integrate into your everyday life. Regular consultations will help you keep on course in your life. Mentoring also serves as a soul compass and accompanies you on your transformation path. Experiences can be processed more deeply and more quickly.


4 readings /1h: 600 Euro/h (over a period of 2 to 4 months)

8 readings /1h: 1150 Euro/h (over a period of 4-8 months)

To book a mentoring programme, you can either book online or send me an email at 

 Why a change in PERSPECTIVE?

As Albert Einstein said: Problems cannot be solved from the same level of perception or through the same ways of thinking that caused them. But if we change our point of view, we suddenly see new ways and solutions.


In order to really experience something new in our lives, we must understand and accept why the situation is as it is. To be comfortable with ourselves, with what is. That first of all means to take a step back and retreat, to perceive and to listen.


That is the point where a TN Consultation sets in.

WHY a TN Consulation?

Relationships (of all kinds), growth and development are the major themes that define our lives. Often, we long for change, for „more“, but don’t really know what that „more“ is. We repeat the same patterns - are trapped in them.


In a reading, we look together from a position of expanded awareness at the place where you are right now, at your life circumstances, at what moves you right now - personal, health, professional, spiritual.


I guide you to enter into a dialogue with your inner wisdom and to listen attentively to what it wants to say to you.


You find answers that give you clarity about your life situations and that can ignite understanding - your mind can realign, your feelings can rearrange themselves and you can make decisions that are in harmony with you and your environment.

What does a SESSION look like?

We start out by doing a short meditation together. We then look at your questions from an expanded perspective or level of consciousness.


A session often takes only one hour, but its effects usually lasts far beyond that. Any success depends, of course, on your willingness and openess to allow for change.


We can meet on site in Freiburg, or conveniently online via the Zoom platform. You just need internet access.


Usually, a reading is followed by "homework"; this accelerates your progress. You become a conscious co-designer of your experience.


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