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Heart-Centred Decision Making - Basics

Deepening the connection to yourSelf

for Urban Mystics

The only real valuable thing is intuition - Albert Einstein

Why do we do the things we do and why do we do them in the way we do them? Why do we want to achieve certain goals? Why do we enter certain relationships? Who or what motivates and initiates our decisions?


And do we really want it?

Why HEART-CENTRED Decision Making?

To make heart-centered decisions means to choose from the plathora of possibilities the one that is in line with your inner wisdom; to know that what you are doing now is exactly the right thing to do. It also means having the courage to live a more and more authentic life.

Layers of past conditioning taken over from family and social or collective consciousness often conceal our inner voice. That is useful for a while as it helps us settle in society and establish our individuality and our will. Yet, when these mechanisms spur us on to dig deeper for our truth, they have served their purpose.


The desire arises to hear and follow our inner voice.

The aim of the introductory course is to learn how to perceive our inner voice and how to recognize it from the diversity of voices. You will learn to enter and expand zour heart space.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift."- Albert Einstein

In this meditative course you will learn

  • how heart-coherence enhances your decision-making capacity and helps you arrive in your heart.

  • about the importance of heart intelligence. and coherent heart communication.

  • why alignment in all of your layers of life is key.

  • to give your intuition more room to in your life.

  • to discover a current life purpose vision that is in harmony with your inner being,


Furthermore, you discover more about

  • why you are pursuing goals and making decisions that may not fit your inner being.

  • how you can quickly reconnect with your inner voice in everyday life and benefit from the cycle of "retreat - connect- listen - act".



"Surrender is the only technique for the inner being to become active." - Osho

More Information

During this one day course, we integrate different layers of life to make heart-centred decisions. 

How it works:

The compact course takes one full day. You don't need to worry about anything but to be yourself and be comfortable. All course materials and vegetarian meals are included (for courses in Freiburg). During the day, we will do various meditative exercises that connect us to our heart wisdom. Certificate of attendance.


AFTER the course: During the course, we will set some heart-centred goals and write them down. The online group offers you with the opportunity to follow up on their implementation. Here, you can support each other in your practice.


PRICE: 222 Euro

Incl.  VAT.

What participants say about 

Heart-Centred Decision Making

What a wonderful experience! I came for goal setting but I was hit by the relaxation. I really needed it so much :-)! Nice to feel so many things - so many things that I had touched in the past came together!! 

—  Sara, Brussels


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