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Meet your Inner Wisdom

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Urban Mystics

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Tidal Nodes are still-points; is arriving and living in the heart and meditation.

It is an offer to meet your inner wisdom and to allow it to infuse your daily life and decision making processes. It is a transformative method that takes you through the circle of inner stillness, deep connectivity, careful listening to a point where you can act from a perspective of wholeness. 



my name is Andrea Anaya and I am the founder of Tidal Nodes - a portal for Urban Mystics - all those hybrid beings who have one foot anchored in business or everyday life and and the other in a genuine interest in inner growth and spirituality. It is a portal for people who wish to live in more connected, more conscious and heart-centered way. 

It is an offer  for people who are welcoming more joy and happiness into their lives – who want to grow in their relationship with themselves and be at peace with the people and the world around them. It designed for individuals and teams who want to get to know themselves at a deep and honest level.


If this inspires you, I cordially invite you to the holistic consulting and courses of Tidal Nodes. 

Andrea Anaya

Tidal Nodes Offers

Tidal Nodes fosters your understanding of a cycle that helps you tap into your inner wisdom: Retreat - Connect - Listen – Act. It assists in your progression in the cycle and teaches you how to integrate it into your daily life and work so it can become your second nature. To consciously welcome this cycle means to welcome authentic development and growth into your life, to open yourself to new ways of living and to act from a place of higher vision.


Tidal Nodes Coaching, Courses and Retreats are holistic and cover all layers of life: Body (physical body, environment, energy body); Mind (thoughts, ego, intellect) and Soul (individual, collective, universal)... with a little magic.


With Tidal Nodes

...you find


  • knowledge to balance the dance between Being and Doing,

  • answers and solutions to questions from different layers of awareness,

  • the self-confidence to involve your heart in your decision-making processes

  • vision and alignment to induce change in your life or team,

  • change in your perspective to set heart-centered goals,

  • space and silence,

  • expanded awareness and alignment,

  • your access to cosmic intelligence.



TN Coaching - An integral, transcendental coaching in which we look at your life situation and themes from a more expanded level of consciousness and find harmonious solutions for you. | Online and on site.




BodyMind Balancing - Use your body’s intelligence to hear and understand its language, to activate your self-healing potentials and to change unwanted behaviours. | Online course.


Primordial Sound Meditation - Get your personal Primordial Sound Mantra and learn to integrate the cycle of Retreat – Connect – Listen – Act into your life. | Online and on site course; private or group course.


Heart-centered Decision Making – In this course, you will learn to develop and implement a life vision that corresponds to the core of your being in unison with your inner wisdom. | Online and on site.



Online Fasting Retreat - one week online fasting with body, mind and soul. Our Team guides you through 6 days of fasting and body detox to declutter your life and help you with your fresh start! Daily QiGong and Meditation are part of the fasting programme. 



One-Day Retreat - A gentle, nurturing break where you can „gift“ time to yourself in a small, confidential group. Learn about your personal stress triggers and learn simple tools to bring body and mind back into harmony. | On site.

About me



My work ist to help you find heart-centered solutions for your life situations in connection with your higher wisdom. Together, we discover how you can unfold your inner wisdom in a spiritual and worldy sense.


I help you to train your intuitive abilities through a holistic and clear approach.

My work combines Eastern and Western wisdom.

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