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Heart-Centred Decision Making - Intensive

Why do we do the things we do and why do we do them in the way we do them? Why do we want to achieve certain goals? Who or what motivates and initiates our decisions?


Do you know what you want - and which part of you?

Why HEART-CENTRED Decision Making?

Life – is one series of choices.

Change the quality of your choices.

Change your life.

Day by day.


To make heart-centered decisions means to choose from the plathora of possibilities the one that is in line with your inner wisdom; to know that what you are doing now is exactly the right thing to do. It also means having the courage to live a more and more authentic life.

Layers of past conditioning and fear often conceal our inner voice. That is useful for a while as it helps us settle in society and establish our individuality and our will. Yet, when these mechanisms spur us on to dig deeper for our truth, they have served their purpose.


The desire arises to hear and follow the inner voice.

The aim of the introductory course is to learn how to perceive our inner voice and how to recognize it from the diversity of voices, as well as discern how and when your fears interfere in the decision-making process.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift."- Albert Einstein


Heart-Centred Decision Making: Intensive Course

The intensive course focusses - much more then the Basic Course - on the individual layers of life by Adi Shankara, which define our whole being.


The conscious reconnection with each of these layers helps us to distinguish our inner voice from the many other voices we hear in our life. 


The layers of life also help us to become more aware of our different bodies so that we can bring them into harmony and learn to act in a holistic way.


The course is meditative yet interactive and offers an intensive reconnection and intuition training. You will learn how to integrate the cycle of "retreat-connect-listen-act" into your life.



If you give your intuition the necessary space through training and focus, a surprising clarity will spring forth because the universe follows the energy of your intuitive heart-decision.

In this meditative course you will learn,

  • to give your intuition more room to in your life,

  • to discover a current life purpose vision that is in harmony with your inner being,

  • how you can quickly reconnect with your inner voice in everyday life and benefit from the cycle of "retreat - connect- listen - act".


Furthermore, you discover more about

  • your personal stress triggers and the fears that are holding you back in what you really want,

  • why you are pursuing goals and making decisions that may not fit your inner being,

  • why you sometimes can't make the decisions you really want to make.



"Surrender is the only technique for the inner being to become active." - Osho


Was Teilnehmer über

Herzzentrierte Entscheidungsfindung sagen

Ein sehr liebevoll gestalteter und wertvoller Kurs. Neben der Vermittlung von Wissen, vielfältigen Übungen alleine und in der Gruppe führt Andrea uns mit Ihrer großen Tiefe durch Mediationen zu unserer direkten Verbindung mit unserem Herzen und zu unseren wahren Entscheidungen.

- Florian Müller-Lucanus, Fastenleiter, Friedberg

About the Intensive Course

How IT WORKS: The intensive course consists of 3 modules of 4 hours each (with 30 minutes break). In addition, it contains 2 shorter practice sessions of 1.5 hours. Each module contains "homework", which you are invited to do on your own at home. The private Online Group gives you the opportunity to exchange with others and share experiences in a protected environment. Course materials included. | Online Group course


NOTE: This is an intensive course which uses your intellect for spiritual and inner development. Depending on your practical engagement and committiment, you will receive a road map to your inner voice. This course is not a quick-fix or 3-step solution - it offers you a spiritual path into your full being!


IF YOU HAVE already taken the introductory Compact Course on Heart-Centered Decision Making you will receive this course at a reduced price.


"Stillness is where Intuition arises." - Eckhart Tolle


Price: 222 Euro in 2020; afterward 1110* Euro

* incl. VAT.


BONUS: 30 days access to the meditative online course BodyMind Balancing. 


SMALL GROUPS (Max 10 participants, Min 4)


Modules - Intensive Course:​

Module 1: Physical Heart, implicit intuition and heart-brain coherence. Entering and expanding your heart space.  

Module 2: Exercise and Questions

Module 3: Energetic Heart and Intuition: viewing heart-obstacles and letting them go. Journey through the layers of life.

Module 4: Exercise and Questions

Module 5: Spiritual Heart and Life-Purpose Vision. Non-Local intuition und

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