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Balancing Being and Doing

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Rise Up; Balance Being & Doing


Calm Down: Meditate & Relax


Heart-Centrered Decision Making: Basic and Intensive Course

"Joy is love in action" - unknown

on site


The mind thinks - the heart knows. Heart-Centered Decision Making is a meditative seminar in which you learn to become aware of your heart intelligence in reconnection with your inner wisdom and to understand its language.


Why Heart-Centered Decision Making?

Why do we do the things we do and why do we do them in the way we do them? Why do we want to achieve certain goals? And do we really want them? Who or what motivates and initiates our decisions? We will ask and receive answers to these and other questions. During the course, we learn to include all layers of life in connection with our inner wisdom in our decision-making processes. 


You will also learn,

  • To crystallise a current life vision that is in line with your heart, with your inner being and your inner wisdom,

  • To sense, set and implement important goals,

  • How you can quickly reconnect with your inner wisdom in everyday life.




The basic course lasts one whole day. You don't need to worry about bringing anything other than yourself. Course materials and meals included. Certificate. | Group course, on site.

More information on the basic course


 The advanced  course takes place online over the course of 5 weeks with 5 modules. 3 modules last 4 hours, 2 around 1.5. Course materials included | Group course, online.

More information on the intensive course


Calm Down

Primordial Sound Meditation

"The primordial sound at the time of our birth is the most accurate vibration ever to expand individual consciousness to universal consciousness." - Deepak Chopra

online or on site live course


Primordial Sound Meditation is a powerful and effective mantra method to support your well-being, your health and your personal growth.


Why Primordial Sound Meditation?


Daily meditation with your primordial sound helps you to reduce stress, experience silence, overcome fears, improve relationships, cultivate inner peace, promote intuition and empathy, sleep better, normalize blood pressure, clarify your life vision and manifest your intentions. The course was developed by Dr. Deepak Chopra and requires an intensive teacher training.


The meditation course teaches you:

  • The origin of primordial sounds and mantras as well as Eastern/Vedic basics of meditation and yoga,

  • Knowledge about medical benefits of meditation from a Western point of view,

  • Manifesting in line with your higher will,

  • Your individual mantra in a personal initiation.


PROCESS: You can take the course online via the Zoom platform or on-site with me. It includes four sessions, three of which take about 2,5 hours each, one about 30 minutes. If you take the course online, all you need is an internet connection in a quiet place. If you take it on site with me, you don't need to worry about bringing anything. All course materials are included. Certificate. | On site and online, individual and group courses.


Calm WAY Down

BodyMind Balancing

"Your body, your mind and your soul are one phenomenon" - Osho

online course

Use your body's intelligence to hear and understand its language, to activate your self-healing potentials and to change your behaviour.


Why BodyMind Balancing?


BodyMind Balancing is like „fasting“ for the mind. It is a guided deep relaxation and at the same time a meditation course that reminds you of the forgotten language of your body. It is a process of non-doing, in which you learn how to communicate with your body and mind.


BodyMind Balancing supports you:

  • To recognise the BodyMind union,

  • To reprogram unwanted behavioural patterns,

  • To experience silence and to become "re-settled" in your body.


PROCESS: For seven consecutive days you will be lead into a a deep relaxation or slight hypnotherapy for about one hour a day – from the comfort of your home. All you need is an internet connection and a place where you are comfortable and undisturbed. A journal as well as bonus exercises and meditations allow you to deepen your experience far beyond the seven days. | Online course.

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