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Find Strength in Silence

Retreat - Connect - Listen - Act for Urban Mystics

STILL POINT in the Ocean

Tidal Nodes are still points in the ocean - untouched by tidal changes. Still points within ourselves connect us with our deep inner wisdom - where we know exactly what is right for us.


Here, stagnating energy can flow again. Clarity and understanding grow. All aspects of life are touched and enriched.


All Tidal Nodes courses, coachings and retreats are based on the cycle of retreat - connect - listen - act. With Tidal Nodes you discover your own best entry point to hone this cycle.


The cycle permeates all layers of life and can be used in all life situations that require more awareness or taking new steps.

How our physical body is integrally connected with the "whole" is beautifully described by the Indian wisdom and Advaita teacher Adi Shankara. He artificially divides our BEING into three primary layers or bodies, each containing three further levels:


  • Physical body (environmental, physical and energy body)

  • Subtle body (thought, ego and intellect)

  • Causal body (individual, cosmic and universal consciousness)


In short, our body, mind and soul.


We are simultaneously present in all three layers or bodies - but only our universal body is timeless, constant and beyond all illusion.


Calming body and mind helps us to perceive this universal dimension, or rather to become aware of the transience of the others.


In order to increase our level of awareness, we can start from each layer. The cycle of retreat - connect - listen - act. supports us.


Retreat: We allow ourselves to become silent, we enter our heart and simply observe what IS, without fear and judgment. In this place everything is "indifferent" - there is no right and wrong, no good and bad, no up and down. | "It is the breath of silence that calms the storm " - Joachim Satya Svarupa


Connect: In silence our consciousness expands and „connects us“ with a greater intelligence, our inner wisdom. | "Connection is why we are here - it gives our lives meaning and purpose."

 - Brene Brown


Listen: Silent and connected, we can receive answers to our questions more easily and clearly understand their message more deeply. | "The quieter you become, the more you can hear." - Ram Dass


Act: In harmony with these new insights we can let go of old beliefs, habits and experiences and consciously walk new paths - in all areas of our lives. | "Easy is right." - Osho



I hold a Master of Arts and Information & Knowledge Management and I worked for over 20 years in Acadamia or international organizations in Canada, Brussels and now Freiburg. In parallel, I developed a deep interest in meditation, therapy and inner growth which I now share with you through Tidal Nodes coaching, courses and retreats.


As a hypnotherapist, innerwise and life-purpose coach as well as a meditation teacher, I am happy to support you in discovering your unknown potentials and assist you in your personal and spiritual development. I will show you how to make your life and your work more fulfilling and how to align it in a way that is lively and suitable for everyday living; how to find inner peace, draw on new strength and develop a healthy work-life balance.

Through my diverse and deep experiences, natural sensitivity and years of training, I provide you with a space in which conscious growth and personal development are possible for you.


My formal, holistic trainings:

  • Add Heart Facilitator - HeartMath Institute, Boulder Creek, California

  • IANLCP certified hypnotherapist | NLP Centre of Excellence, Manchester/England, traineeship in Brussels/Belgium.

  • OSHO Active Meditation Facilitator + Inner Skills Facilitator| Meditation Resort, Pune/India.

  • BodyMind Balancing Therapist Training | Osho Humaniversity, Egmond aan Zee/Holland.

  • Innerwise Coach Stefanie Reinhard, Freiburg/Germany.

  • Akashic Records Consultant, Gabrielle Orr.

  • Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher | Chopra Centre, San Diego/USA.

  • Life Purpose Coach dto. Manchester/England.


Are you an Urban Mystic?

Tidal Nodes is ideal for you if you

  • Wish to reduce your stress level and find clarity and balance

  • Are longing for in depth self-knowledge

  • Would like to make heart-centred decisions

  • Would like to initiate new projects or introduce changes into your life

  • Would like to learn to trust your inner voice and find what's right for you

  • Would like to be or are an urban mystic

As an Urban Mystic you are ...

...in a way a "hybrid", that is, you recognize yourself in one of the following three images...


1) you stand with one foot in the middle of your everyday life or business, but you clearly feel that you long for a change and expansion. You know that it is imminent, but do not know yet what exactly it is or how to go about it. You are open. You wish to grow and be supported in your steps, gaining the courage to initiate change without abruptly changing your everyday life. 


2) You are at a threshold in your life: you are starting a new chapter, perhaps you are entering your professional life, or are simply thinking of changing directions. You would like to take the right steps, in alignment with your inner voice to make a difference in this world according to your inner authority and your life's purpose. You want to go your own way, and not follow someone else's. You clearly feel that there is more to life than what you live now, and you know that your head does not always bring you the best solutions. You want to demystify spirituality and embed it scientifically, without compromising its magic or truth.


3) or you belong to the group of mystics for whom spirituality is a solid and natural pillar. You are already immersed in the deeper layers of your perception, perhaps even working in healing or in the spiritual field or wanting to, but you also clearly feel that a deepening, a change or a step is imminent. You would like to expand or find your place in the worldly structures more clearly. 

Either way, you would like to learn to make decisions that correspond to your whole being and heart and act upon those.


If you are an Urban Mystic, you've come to the right place!



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